The domain status suggests The news of NYAA.se, arguably the best torrent website for anime, shutting down after losing the battle with copyright trolls came as a shock to many anime fans around the world. With this heart-breaking news, any of them are now searching for the best alternatives for NYAA to watch anime. Nyaa.se, судя по информации, удалиться.Так же проблемы с другими аниме трекерами (включая РуТрекер который пытались блочить не раз). More proxies will be comming soon including: Kickass Torrents, Nyaa.se, 1337x. Our proxy list helps you keep your IP Address hidden while browsing. It provides live version of the original server. Please share our proxy for various of reasons!

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Post by Bigsp00n » Thu Nov 06, 2014 11:21 am . I found this works when added to the filter. 6 Jul 2019 One of the best torrent hubs ever for delivering mainstream anime NYAA.se was shut down due to copyright infringement issues. This befalls  Nyaa.se replacement written in golang.

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No description defined. Chinese. 목차 : NYAA.se 대안 목록; 1. 끔찍한 잠수정; 2. 애니메이션 공유; 3.

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This means no scat, gore, or any other of such things. Troll torrents are not allowed. These will be removed on sight. sukebei.Nyaa.se is the place for non-work-safe content.

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The homepage of Nyaa.se and the subsite /?page=download&tid=506946 are most referenced by other websites. Sorry pirates, looks like the famous anime torrenting site, Nyaa, is down. It also seems that the site’s nyaa.se domain got the Server Hold status as well. Web stats for Nyaa - nyaa.se. A BitTorrent community focused on Eastern Asian media including anime, manga, music, and more. sukebei.nyaa.si.